Dear Parent/Carer, 

Welcome to our school, we hope you find the information contained here useful. If you are looking for a school for your child/ren we do suggest that you contact the school office and make an appointment to visit and see our school in action. We will be happy to arrange a tour of the school for you and answer any questions you may have. If you do decide to choose Harestanes Primary School for your child’s education we very much look forward to working with you to help develop your child’s potential.

We recognise the knowledge and skills which children bring to our school and build on these to ensure that every child receives challenging and appropriate experiences to meet their individual needs. At Harestanes Primary School we firmly believe education means much more than the acquisition of skills and learning of facts. It is about development of the whole person. We aim to do this by offering each child a broad, balanced, relevant curriculum enabling them to develop skills, acquire knowledge, appreciate the arts, pursue the sciences and accept the challenges of physical education by participating fully in all aspects of school life. 

We believe it is important that individual talents and interests are promoted and we aim to provide activities and events both within and out with school to cater for a variety of interests. We have high, but realistic, expectations of our pupils, both in terms of working hard in class and life outside the classroom. We encourage our pupils to take care of their surroundings, to be helpful and polite and to consider the needs of others. 

We believe that the best results for your child will be achieved through close and respectful partnership between school and home and work hard towards building strong working relationships with our parent body. We have an active Parent Council and PTA . 

We have an incredibly committed and hardworking staff here Harestanes Primary School and we all feel privileged to share in your child's educational journey. We look forward to working with you in the years ahead. 

We welcome your thoughts and feedback as your views will help us shape our service so that we provide the best opportunities possible for all of our learners. If you would like to comment on any aspect of school life please contact the school office on 955 2320, in the first instance, and we will ensure that you have an opportunity to speak with the appropriate member of staff. 

Best Regards

Ms. Jackie Gillespie
Head Teacher